Geagea: Situation in Lebanon is difficult

Lebanese Forces Party leader Samir Geagea, represented by MP Antoine Habshi, patronized Sunday the Party's office opening ceremony in the border town of Rmeish, Bint Jbeil region, in the presence of religious clerics and municipal, educational and social activists

During the opening ceremony, Geagea addressed the crowd in a televised speech from Mearab, describing the situation in Lebanon as "difficult".

"The situation in Lebanon is difficult at the moment, and we must work to get rid of this miserable condition through the efforts of politicians," he said.

In turn, MP Habshi spoke about the reconciliation of Mearab, saying that it "removed the psychological barrier between the Christians and calmed the Christian community in Lebanon."

Habshi added that the purpose of the agreement was not limited to Christians, but was based on national principles.

He pointed out that "the goal of the agreement is to build the state we want, a state free of corruption."

He finally said that the LF would maintain the Mearab Understanding because it was committed to openness and cooperation to build a sovereign State.

Source: National News Agency

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