Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

AbiLamaa: Cabinet formation sole solution to appease tension

MP Eddy AbiLamaa on Tuesday said that the current tension witnessed among people and "in the street" was due to the delay in forming the new government.

"It is not easy for the country to remain without a government amid the current economic condition," the lawmaker told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

"The sole solution is to speed up the Cabinet formation, because time now is for work and for appeasing the street," he said.

Moreover, AbiLamaa clarified that Lebanese Forces' leader, Samir Geagea, did not mean the elimination of the Amal-Hezbollah duality when he called to form a de facto government should Hezbollah refuse to hand its ministers' names.

"Geagea's statement came within the frame of pushing the [concerned] parties to form the Cabinet, and not as a call to eliminate the Amal-Hezbollah duality from the lineup," he explained.

Source: National News Agency

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