Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

Center for Government, Int’l Communication Recorded 626 Media Items Disseminated, during Past 3 Days

Mina, suburb of Makkah, The Center for Government and International Communication announced here today that the Integrated Media System, a service that consists of, namely: Ministry of Media, Government Communication Center, International Communication Center and Hajj Media Portal have diffused 626 media articles, through several media channels, in six languages, in coordination with a number of internal as well as international outlets, during the period from 4 to 6 of the current month of Dhu al-Hijjah.

The Center said, in a report released here today, that it is supporting the media departments, at government agencies, to carry out their mission and to keep up with the events, in order to receive every occasion with the attention it deserves, in order that the pilgrimage season be an unprecedented and to show Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ability

transmit to the whole world, in accordance with latest modern technical methods.

In its report on the sixth day of Dhu al-Hijjah 1439H (corresponding to 16/8/2018), the center reported that the integrated media system has broadcast 235 media items through 19 media channels, in six languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Malay, French and German, in coordination with the internal and international media, as well as coordination with 40 governmental bodies participating, in this year's Hajj season.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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