Saturday, 3 Dec 2022

CST Showcases Various Trials in Providing Connectivity via Non-Terrestrial Networks

Riyadh-- At the "Connecting the World from the Skies" international forum held in Riyadh, the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission showcased its various trials in finding innovative solutions that provide connectivity via non-terrestrial networks, to handle the global challenges in connecting the unconnected, and to secure the right of communication for everyone everywhere through means that ensures the availability of communications and information technology services.

The commission also featured the collaborative outcomes with local and global partners that will offer digital solutions in covering remote areas, providing communication access during emergencies and disaster

management, increasing network capacity for temporary events, and enriching the market with successful experiences to develop sustainable solutions that will consider global trends in economic and environmental aspects, where clean and eco-friendly energy

is used to reduce carbon emissions.

The presented trials summarize in 5G technology trial using high altitude platforms (HAPS), low- atmospheric communication experiments, provide the latest IoT technologies from space, and offer broadband

connectivity for planesvia A2G technology. The commission also showcased its trial in connecting 5G network towers via low earth orbit satellites (LEO) and discussed the most prominent results of these promising technologies in sessions with

partners' representatives.

The success of the Kingdom’s trials is an extension of the government's unlimited support in enabling the communication and information technology sector, in addition to the partners' distinctive collaboration,

promoting the innovative uses and digital transformation, making the Kingdom a global leader in wireless technologies, and strengthening its position as a regional digital center of technology and innovation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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