Monday, 5 Dec 2022

General Directorate of Passports: Obligatory Entry to Saudi Arabia with Passports Registered at Hayya Platform for GCC Citizens

Riyadh, November 3, 2022, SPA -- The General Directorate of Passports urged citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) willing to travel to attend FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its international borders with passports registered at Hayya platform.

As for departure through Salwa land port, GCC citizens should abide by the special regulation of vehicle access as per announced categories by the Qatari side, with the start of conditions to complete travel procedures announced to attend the World Cup and accompanying events, which limited entry to those with Hayya ticket holding passports registered at Hayya platform.

The directorate noted that those willing to travel to Qatar to attend the World Cup, whether they are citizens, residents or tourists with Hayya ticket, can call the unified security operations call center at 911 to know about any relevant regulations, where all beneficiaries can visit the website of the unified platform “Here for You” through the link, which aims to provide information necessary to ensure flexibility of trips of those willing to attend the World Cup from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to visitors arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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