Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

Governor of Makkah Region Praises Efforts of Participants in Hajj 2 Mina

Al-Faisal stressed that the number of manpower providing services to pilgrims from all sectors exceeded 350,000 workers as well as 35,000 volunteers, in addition to 120,000 security personnel, 200,000 from various sectors, and 30,000 health practitioners.

He added that charities have distributed more than 26,000,000 meals, the electric load capacity reached 4715 KW, while 41,000,000 cubic meters of water were pumped in Makkah and the holy sites, during this year's Hajj.

The Governor of Makkah Region said that 2,489,406 pilgrims were transported from Arafat to Muzdalifah in six hours including 360,000 pilgrims using the holy sites train, 100,000 using pedestrian passages and other pilgrims used 20,000 buses.

In the health sector, Prince Al-Faisal said that the health services were provided for more than 500,000 pilgrims. As many as 173 hospitals, health centers and mobile clinics with a capacity of 5000 beds were available to serve pilgrims, adding that 336 open heart operations and cardiac catheterizations as well as 2700 different operations were conducted.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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