Friday, 10 Jul 2020

Hajj Civil Defense Completes Preparations to Receive Pilgrims in Arafat

Mina, Saudi Arabia, The General Directorate of Civil Defense operating from Hajj sites announced that it has completed all arrangements to maintain the safety of pilgrims who will assemble in the surroundings of the mount of Arafat on 9th of Dhul Hijjah this year, the peak of Hajj season, citing taking pre-emptive measures to prevent all possible risks and dangers through deploying survey and inspection teams round the clock.

Commander of the Civil Defense Forces in Arafat Brigadier General Turki bin Khuwaitem Al-Mutairi confirmed the readiness of his department to deal with millions of crowds in Arafat through the application of world-class means of administration and technology.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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