Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

Interior Ministry Spokesman Announces Completion of First Phase of Transporting Pilgrims to Mina

Mina, The Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Major General Mansour Al-Turki said that the arrival of pilgrims in Mina was completed, which is represented by the arrival of pilgrims in Mina and the arrival of first groups of pilgrims in Arafat.

He added that the transportation of pilgrims will continue throughout the day, as all this is in preparation for ascension and transfer to the Holy Site of Arafat, which begins at the dawn of Saturday, followed by pilgrims moving from Arafat to Muzdalifah to stay there overnight and return again to Mina.

Major General Al-Turki said during the press conference of the parties participating in this year's Hajj 1440 AH, that transport operations have been completed smoothly and characterized by the procedures of organizing traffic movement with unprecedented flexibility on all roads leading to holy sites and Mina.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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