Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Interior Ministry Spokesman: pilgrims arrive in Makkah today in preparation for Hajj journey in Holy Sites 3

The Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that the ministry is equipped with more than 70,000 skilled cadres to carry out the task of transporting pilgrims to Mina, in addition to 3,000 Saudi national volunteers.

He pointed out that the number of tents where the pilgrims will stay in Mina and Arafat exceeds 350,000 which are fully furnished and air-conditioned. All the services needed by the pilgrim will be available in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa.

For his part, the Official Spokesman of the Public Security in Hajj Sami Al-Shwairkh said that the Hajj process is managed by the Command and Control Center of Hajj Security with the participation of all relevant government agencies providing services to pilgrims. Al-Shwairkh pointed out that the Command and Control Center is linked with 5909 cameras that live broadcast the movement of pilgrims in the Grand Mosque, Mina, Muzdalifa and Arafa. Moreover, the Center is linked with six permanent security checkpoints, he said, stressing that whoever does not carry a Hajj permit will not be allowed to proceed to Makkah.

The Spokesman also said that the latest statistics issued yesterday indicated that 15,018 persons who did not have a Hajj permit were denied entry to Makkah and 209,741 vehicles were also not allowed to enter Makkah because they were violating Hajj regulations.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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