Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Iranian Oil Tanker Company denies media reports that two missiles from Saudi Arabia hit the oil tanker in the Red Sea

BAGHDAD, Iranian oil tanker company denied media reports that two missiles from Saudi Arabia hit an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Jeddah in the Red Sea.

This comes after the media quoted the head of public relations at the National Iranian Oil Tankers Company that the two missiles that hit the oil tanker in the Red Sea, at dawn on Friday, they may have been fired from Saudi Arabia.

An Iranian oil tanker "sabiti" was hit by an explosion near the Saudi port of Jeddah on Friday, resulting in a fire on board, while experts did not rule out that the explosion was caused by a terrorist act.

Iranian News Agencies reported that the explosion damaged two of the main oil tanks in the tanker, and that it caused an oil spill in the Red Sea, and there were no injuries among the crew.

Meanwhile, the National Iranian Oil Company said earlier that two missiles targeted the tanker at 5:00 and 5:20 dawn on Friday and caused the explosion, stressing that the oil leak from the tanker has stopped.

For its part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry considered that the attack on the Iranian oil tanker, is a dangerous adventure carried out from the east of the Red Sea from an area near the transit line of the tanker, stressing that the investigations are still ongoing and will announce the results respectively.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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