Tuesday, 27 Sep 2022

Jordan’s Royal Society for Conservation of Nature Participates in Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition

Riyadh-- The Saudi Falcon Club is keen on exchanging knowledge and acquiring international experiences with international bodies concerned with regulating hunting and protecting nature and the environment, by hosting international associations at the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition.

In its current edition for 2022, the exhibition hosted the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature of Jordan, which comes to showcase the Jordanian experience of regulating hunting in Jordan and training falcons, in particular.

The supervisor of the Jordanian pavilion, Abdulrazzaq Al-Hamoud, indicated that this is the first participation of the society in the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, where the pavilion informs visitors of the society's objectives and its role in raising environmental awareness and laws regulating hunting and protecting falcons from overhunting since 1970s.

Al-Hamoud stated that they are looking to find partnerships with Saudi and Arab associations and institutions participating in the exhibition and to benefit from experiences, especially in the protection of wildlife, legal regulation, implementation of membership programs and ecotourism, praising the development of environmental law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the establishment of new nature reserves.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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