Monday, 13 Jul 2020

MWL participates in Exhibition in Italy

Rimini, Italy, The Secretary General of Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Essa has opened the pavilion of the MWL at the exhibition accompanying Rimini Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples in Italy, becoming the first Islamic institution to participate in the international exhibition which has registered more than one million visitors.

The League's pavilion included photos and films about its projects and global organization for relief and health care ,and also presented a number of documentary films on its efforts to end poverty, disease and illiteracy.

The pavilion highlighted the League's interest in adhering to the human values of Islam in helping the needy regardless of their religions, ethnicities or cultures.

Dr. Al-Essa gave a lecture as the first Islamic figure to participate in this international meeting, speaking about the danger of the political Islam and the attempt of some organizations to achieve their political goals by exploiting the Islamic religion and seeking to address the emotions of young people to deceive and encourage them to commit harmful acts under the guise of defending Islam and its people. He also talked on ways to combat terrorism and violence and the importance of drying up their sources.

He said that the history of the followers of religions in general has not been free from these actions, and that human history testifies that extremism, violence and terrorism whether "religious", "ethnic", "intellectual" and "political" do not belong to a certain category, saying that the recent witness to these events includes Christchurch, Colombo, Pennsylvania and California

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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