Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

OIC Takes Part in International Conference on Development Info-com in Morocco

Jeddah, The secretariat general of Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) participated in the Moroccan city of Efrane today in the international conference on the developmental media and communication: roles in the service of development, organized by Fes-based Sidi Mohamed bin Abdellah University in partnership with the International Academy for Information and Communication.

Wajdi Ali Sindi, Director of Media department at OIC, presented a working paper on the role of international organizatoins' media centers in the service of humanitarian work, OIC case study.

He cast light on the role of OIC, the collective voice of the Islamic world and the world's second largest organization after the UN, towards the issues and aspirations of Islamic peoples and disseminating its product to all parts of the world through the traditional and new media means.

Sindi noted the prominent role information departments at international organizations play in terms of early warning of natural disasters, allowing humanitarian and relief organizations to respond swiftly, underscoring the importance of close partnership between developmental humanitarian work and media aiming to highlight the sufferings of weak and fragile social segments and mobilizing energies and resources to help them.

He also cast light on OIC media strategy for the term 2016 - 2025, citing that it represents a compass that determines the objectives of information work of OIC member states, introduces the issues of the Islamic Ummah in different fields and encourages investment in human resources working in the field of information.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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