Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

Oman participates in Global Innovation Summit

Buenos Aires, Oman has participated in the 8th Global Innovation Summit hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, highlighting the Sultanate's progress in the field of innovation and global competitiveness in the indicators of innovation in recent years.

Dr. Saif bin Abdullah Al- Hadabi, Assistant Secretary General for Scientific Research and Programmes at TRC, spoke at the session of the Global Innovation Summit held on September 17-20, on the impact of the environment on the speed and growth of innovation, Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.

He referred to the old and modern Omani environment, which has been an effective incubator because of the Oman's geographical and strategic location.

Dr. Sharifa Al- Harthiya, Director of the National Innovation Strategy, participated in the discussions of the annual meeting of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils on accelerating competitiveness through cooperation and the role of innovation in increasing productivity, improving performance and sustainability and redefining the comprehensive concept of innovation.

Badr Al- Abdali of the National Competitiveness Committee participated in the 6th session entitled "Preparing Future Talents, Industry and Society for the Digital Transformation," during which he focused on the Oman's initiatives on preparing for digital transformation.

It is worth mentioning that the Global Innovation Summit is the main event organised by the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils and aims to implement the competitive strategies to promote innovation, productivity and prosperity for the countries of the world.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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