Friday, 5 Jun 2020

Operation to target international navigation in Red Sea by Houthi booby-trapped boat aborted

Aden, Yemeni army's naval formation forces foiled a bombing operation in which the Houthi militia was planning to attack international shipping in the Red Sea with a booby-trapped boat.

A military source in the fifth military region in Yemen said that the naval formation in the region, with the support of the coalition to support the legitimacy, managed to seize a booby-trapped boat by sent by the militia Houthi towards the international waters in the Red Sea.

The source added that the booby-trapped boat was carrying explosive devices and traveling at a high speed of 35 miles per hour on its way to international waters in the Red Sea to intercept one of the merchant ships there.

The source pointed out that the naval military teams of the Yemeni army was able to intercept it until they was able to stop it at one of the unpopulated islands.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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