Monday, 6 Jul 2020

President: Iraq will not allow to be a base to attack its neighbors or a battlefield for their agents

BAGHDAD President Barham Salih said that "Iraq is protecting its own interests and will not allow to be used as a base to attack its neighbors or a battlefield for their agents."

Salih said in an article published in the Wall Street Journal that his message during his participation in the work of the United Nations General Assembly stresses that Iraq has no intention of being drawn into regional conflicts, and intends to protect its own interests and will not allow itself to be used as a base to attack his neighbors or a battlefield for their agents. "

He added: "It is in our interest to act as a force to achieve stability, and to employ our main strategic position and good relations with our neighbors to eliminate extremism," noting: "Iraq seeks to be a force capable of achieving stability, and a bridge for economic integration in the Middle East. "

He pointed out that"Baghdad intends to invite its neighbors to meet for talks starting with the need to support the stability of Iraq and the renewal of its economy, and work hard to identify areas of urgent cooperation and work out a road map for a more cohesive regional alliance."

"The recent attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, as well as the horrific conflicts in Yemen and Syria, are a source of concern for the Middle East and the rest of the world. No country can better understand the scourge of war, sanctions, violence and infighting than Iraq," the President said. "The Iraqi people are more aware of the magnitude of the human and material costs that may be imposed by aggressive policies, and there is no state yearning for stability more than Iraq."

He continued: "We stand today on the threshold of a new era, after the Iraqis, regardless of nationality or faith, had defeated ISIS with the help of international allies."

"Our victory is still fragile, and we have more difficult tasks, because we need to provide jobs, education and training to build a workforce in order to provide better services, rehabilitate and expand our infrastructure, and reform our enlarged public sector," the President said, in addition to enhance our institutions to distance ourselves from dependence on oil by creating a vibrant private sector, tackling corruption, and building regulatory and legal frameworks to attract foreign investors.

"These are the enormous tasks facing the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who shares my enthusiasm for reform," he said. "Iraq is reaching out to its neighbors and the international community for financial and technical assistance, but the ambition may fade if our neighbors and our allies in a state of intense debate, he said, "Iraq is providing historical legislation to establish a reconstruction body, with the aim of encouraging private companies and foreign investors to form broad partnerships with the government in infrastructure projects, where this initiative could form the basis of regional initiatives transboundary which, in turn, will create a common interest among local provinces, encourage joint economic growth and create jobs.

The President of the Republic said that "the bitter experience against ISIS has taught us as Iraqis that there is more to unite us than to divide us, and we have shared dreams and mutual interests to cooperate to achieve."

"This is a lesson for our neighbors and allies as well, because prosperity depends on building bridges, not by slamming doors ... For our own reasons, we intend to take the lead, it is our duty to do it for ourselves and for future generations." Our hopes and future depend on persuading others to follow our example. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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