Wednesday, 27 May 2020

President of Pakistan Scholars Council: International Conference on Values of Moderation Succeeded in Presenting and Discussing Causes of Violence, Extremism and Combating Terrorism

Makkah, President of the Council of Pakistani Scholars Dr. Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi praised the success of the International Conference on Values of Moderation and the declaration of "Makkah Document".

He affirmed that the conference succeeded in presenting and discussing the causes of violence, extremism, combating terrorism, as well as discussing ways and means to spread and consolidate the concept, principles and causes of tolerance, reconciliation and moderation within our Islamic societies in particular, and in various countries of the world in cooperation with all institutions specialized in this serious issue.

He attributed the success of the conference to the great support of the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has adopted the establishment of global centers to combat deviant ideology, extremism and terrorism.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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