Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia Opens Doors to Tourists from All Over The World, Attracts SR 115 Billion 3 Riyadh

Moreover, the SCTH Chairman Al-Khateeb explained that since the launch of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, we have started to work hard to become a global tourist destination, coinciding with the launch of major tourism projects and the adoption of incentive regulations for investment in the tourism sector, including the Cabinet's approval of the general strategy for the national tourism development.

He further said "The sites registered on the list of World Heritage, represent some of the Kingdom's rich cultural heritage and scenic tourist sites, pointing out that there are more than 10,000 historical sites that are also promising investment opportunities."

Upon the announcement of the Kingdom's reception of tourists, it is now available to all countries of the world to obtain a tourist visa. In the first phase, citizens of 49 countries will be able to get an electronic visa through the website or upon arrival in the Kingdom.

According to the National Tourism Strategy, the Kingdom will receive 100 million visits per year by 2030, compared to about 41 million at present.

By 2030, the Kingdom will be one of the top five countries receiving foreign tourists from all over the world, with revenues of up to 10% instead of the current 3% of gross national income, while the number of jobs in the sector of tourism will reach 1,600,000 jobs compared to just 600,000 jobs right now.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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