Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Strida Geagea from Bkirki: Reconciliation timing not directed against anyone

Member of the Lebanese Forces bloc, MP Strida Geagea, commented in a statement from Bkirki on the reconciliation between the Lebanese Forces and the Marada Movement, saying: "Congratulations on this reconciliation which the people of the North in general and Christians in particular have waited 40 years for."

"I can only bow to the martyrs of the two parties and pay tribute to their families," she said.

"Mature are those who know how to turn the page," Geagea added, stressing that "the timing of the reconciliation is not directed against anyone." "Thank God that there are no presidential elections," she added.

"Any reconciliation between any of the country's components is in the interest of Lebanon first," she affirmed.

Source: National News Agency

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