Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Tueni salutes Armenians on 50th Commemoration of Armenian Patriarchate in Lebanon

Caretaker State Minister for Anti-Corruption Affairs, Nicola Tueni, saluted Sunday the Armenian people in Lebanon, marking the 50th commemoration of the establishment of the Armenian Patriarchate in Lebanon and the rest of the East.

In an issued statement on the occasion, Tueni highlighted the difference between the Armenian people and the Zionist Jews.

"While the Armenian people were subjected to an unprecedented mass massacre in modern history, in its atrocities, deprivation, injustice and oppression, the Armenian displaced immigrants from Anatoli and other parts of the Ottoman Sultanate mainly came to Lebanon," he said.

"They were characterized by honesty, production and love of innovation, and contributed to strengthening ties of fraternity and friendship with all Lebanese components without exception, and did not participate in the Lebanese civil war, considering it a war aiming at the destruction of society in defense of external demands," Tueni continued.

On the opposite side, Tueni referred to the Zionist Jews' exploitation of the German fascist massacre that affected many peoples, ethnicities and sects, not only the Jews. He indicated that the Zionist Jews took advantage of the West's guilt in wake of said massacre to create a racist state, a state of myths with no proof of any archaeological or historical information in recognition of their historians.

Source: National News Agency

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