Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020

Turkish Ambassador visits Aidamoun in Akkar region

Newly accredited Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, Hakan Cakil, visited Sunday the town of Aidamoun-Shikhlar in the region of Akkar, accompanied by a senior Embassy delegation.

The visit began at the Municipality of Aidamoun, where the delegation met with the town's dignitaries, religious clerics and citizens.

Addressing the welcoming crowd, the Turkish Ambassador expressed his country's love for Lebanon and its people, promising that Turkey will continue to support all components of Lebanese society.

Cakil then toured the various projects executed in the region with the help of the Turkish State, for which the town's dignitaries expressed deep gratitude and appreciation.

The last stop-over was at the Center of the Lebanese-Turkish Cultural Association, where the Ambassador met with members of the "Aidamoun Folklore Group" who thanked Turkey for hosting the "Children's International Festival" in Ankara, and presented the Ambassador with a souvenir as a thankful token.

Source: National News Agency

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