Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020

US State Department Accuses Iran of spending $ 1 billion to Support Groups Loyal to It

Washington, Iran has spent about $ 1 billion to support groups linked to it, the US Department of State said.

It pointed out that countering Tehran's terrorism is a priority for the United States of America.

The US State Department's counter-terrorism coordinator, Nathan Sills, told a news conference today on the U.S. report on terrorism for 2018 that Iran's Revolutionary Guards have spent $ 1 billion to support groups linked to Tehran such as Hezbollah,

"Tehran continues to fund terrorist groups in the region, notably Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist arm, which has suffered heavily from US sanctions," Sills said, stressing that the United States and its allies have made progress in confronting "Daesh" terrorist group and that Washington is continuing efforts to counter what he called Daesh "solo wolves" in order to prevent them from committing crimes.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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