Friday, 27 Jan 2023

Hajj Hassan calls for comprehensive politicaleconomic rescue policy

Caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan called Sunday for working on a comprehensive political and economic policy that would address the various issues at stake in the country.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the first soap exhibition in the southern city of Bent Jbeil earlier today, Hajj Hassan hoped that the agricultural and industrial sectors would receive more attention during the next government's mandate. He noted that these sectors have suffered a lot from external competition and internal obstacles over the past years, in wake of the previous governments' negligence.

"We have presented more than 20 projects and proposals to support the industry, but to no avail because the country's economic vision is missing," Hajj Hassan went on.

"A comprehensive economic policy and a long-term economic program for industry and agriculture are needed," he stressed.

"Lebanon's economy is based on border crossings and transit movements with the neighboring countries, especially Syria, so we are keen on having the best relations with our sister state, Syria, as well as Jordan and Iraq," Hajj Hassan emphasized.

He also highlighted the need for good relations with Syria in order to end the issue of the displaced and contribute to Syria's reconstruction.

Over the new cabinet formation, Hajj Hassan said, "The key point in the formation of the government is the adoption of unified standards in the representation of parliamentary and political blocs within cabinet, which will contribute to a large extent to accelerating its formation."

Source: National News Agency

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