Hakim, Maliki Discuss The Demonstrations And The Need To Respond To The Demonstrators’ Demands

BAGHDAD, The head of the National Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim said that the government must respond immediately to the demands of the demonstrators.

A statement to Hakim's office said that, he received Vice President Nuri al-Maliki yesterday evening in his office, and discussed with him the file of demonstrations in the country, stressing "the need to respond immediately to the demands of the demonstrators."

"They discussed the results of the elections and the formation of the next government.," the statement added.

Hakim, according to the statement, stressed "the need to provide the possible extent of services and take serious measures to move the economy and create jobs."

He stressed "the need to support government measures to provide security for the demonstrators and protect them from infiltrators trying to divert the course of the demonstrations towards vandalism and assault on public and private property."

Hakim praised the efforts exerted by the Independent High Electoral Commission in the context of its implementation of manual counting and sorting and inspection of the results under the supervision of the delegated Board of Commissioners from the judges and the United Nations and agents of political entities."

In the formation of the next government, the statement said: "The views were identical in the need to allow the approach of the national majority, as it represents a realistic solution to many of the problems of the political system in Iraq, if the appropriate conditions for its application, and the two parties find in this option an important initiative to resolve through the establishment of opposition and loyalty wings, which represents a balance in the political process. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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