Hakim Meets Turkish Ambassador To Iraq

Baghdad, The head of the National Wisdom Movement (NWM), Ammar al-Hakim confirmed Iraq's need for a national majority government and be in accordance with the priority of service.

A statement issued by (NWM) said, "Hakim met with Turkish Ambassador Fatih Yildiz and discussed with him the issues of common interest between Iraq and Turkey and bilateral relations, while the water file and its scarcity in Iraq and the means of required processing dominated on the agenda of the meeting,"

"The stability of Iraq is important for the region and the world," Hakim said during the meeting, calling for "an agreement and mutually satisfactory solutions on the issue of water relations."

He pointed out that "the government of the national majority will take it upon itself to meet the aspirations of citizens and their aspirations, which emerged in demonstrations in some cities in Iraq."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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