Hariri: Consensus is the only solution in the country

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri said that the formation of the government is near, stressing the importance of respecting consensus between most components and parties due to the diversity and pluralism in Lebanon. He said: A government cannot be formed on the basis of majority and minority. We tried this in the past and we did not succeed. This is why consensus is the only solution in the country.

Hariri addressed today Lebanese students at the IE Business School in Madrid. He told them about the accomplishment achieved by Lebanon at the CEDRE conference, calling on them to believe in their country and work to promote stability, growth and prosperity in it.

He said: "My role as Prime Minister-designate is to bring all parties together despite all existing political disputes that we have to put aside and focus on our work to improve the country and develop the various sectors. If we go back to the near past, we find that when we put our disputes aside, we succeed in attaining several achievements that serve the interest of Lebanon and the citizens. But we cannot succeed in this unless we start combating corruption affectively."

Hariri pointed out that "the implementation of the decisions of the CEDRE conference would stimulate growth and activate the economy, which will be reflected on stability in Lebanon. For us, the main objective of the conference is to advance the economy, carry on new infrastructure projects and execute investment projects in various sectors."

About the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, he said: "The presence of one and a half million displaced person is very strenuous for our country. But their presence is not the only cause of our suffering today. If we had invested years ago in transport, technology, health and education we would have spared the country a lot of what it is enduring."

He said: "Just as my father believed in Lebanon, I also believe in it, and you should strengthen your faith in this country that is in dire need for each and every one of you.

You are its real wealth that will enhance its stability. The Lebanese are successful wherever they are. I invite you to return to Lebanon, especially that the CEDRE conference will create around one hundred thousand new jobs annually. You have the ideas and we have to work on securing the necessary foundations for you to achieve your projects."

When he arrived at IE, Hariri was welcomed by the Executive President of the University. They held a meeting in the presence of Minister Ghattas Khoury, Keyrouz, and deans of a number of faculties, and those responsible of emerging companies and entrepreneurship section.

He was briefed on the pioneering role of the various faculties in entrepreneurship and the creation of a new generation of youth who can face the various challenges.

Source: National News Agency

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