Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

Hariri receives Del Col: Lebanon supports UNIFIL and is committed to resolution 1701

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri confirmed Lebanon's support to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon and its full commitment to UNSCR 1701. He praised, during his meeting today at the Center House with the new Head of Mission and Force Commander of UNIFIL, Major General Stefano Del Col, the role of UNIFIL in maintaining security and stability in the South, stressing that Lebanon's interest and territorial integrity require full cooperation between the Lebanese authorities and UNIFIL.

Hariri said that Lebanon looks forward to the extension of the UNIFIL mandate, and underlined the importance of the solidarity of the international community on this issue, the continued support of UNIFIL and securing the necessary environment to enable it to carry its work to the fullest.

Hariri said that the continuation of the good relation with UNIFIL, while the UN Security Council will consider next week the extension of the mandate of this force, is in the interest of Lebanon and stability in the south. He also commended the continued coordination between the Lebanese army and UNIFIL in a way that provides serious guarantees to implement UNSCR 1701.

After the meeting, Del Col said: "It is my first day as Head of Mission and Force Commander of UNIFIL. Yesterday we had a great ceremony in Naqoura. I am here because I wanted to introduce myself to the authorities here in Beirut. I will also be visiting other authorities in the coming days. I assured Prime Minister Hariri that we will follow the 1701 UNSCR and other resolutions about UNIFIL. UNIFIL has guaranteed the peace process and peace over the past twelve years and the situation on the ground in South Lebanon. This is my third term here in Lebanon. I arrived the first time in 2008, the second one in 2014 and now in 2018. If we compare the situation at the beginning, after the 2006 war, and what is happening right now, I think that we really have another south Lebanon. I really came to follow UNSCR 1701 and the goal is to reach a permanent cease fire."

Source: National News Agency

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