Hariri receives Russian and Belgian diplomats, UNIFIL commander

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received today the Russian charge d'affaires Vyacheslav Maksudov at the Center House, in the presence of his adviser for Russian affairs Georges Chaaban, a statement by Hariri's press office said on Tuesday.

They discussed the Russian proposal for the return of displaced Syrians from Lebanon to their country. Maksudov told Prime Minister Hariri that a representative of the Russian president and a representative of the Ministry of Defense would arrive before the end of the week in Beirut to discuss the issue.

Hariri also received Belgian Ambassador Alex Lenaerts. They discussed the situation and bilateral relations.

Hariri also met with the UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Michael Beary, on a farewell visit on the occasion of the end of his mission.

He also met with former MP Khaled al-Daher, who said at the end of the meeting: "We visited Prime Minister Hariri and heard from him his commitment to Lebanon, its political stability and its protection, in the light of the difficult atmosphere in the region. We asked him about development in the region, but the national concern remains formation of the government and the need to accelerate it, because it is the national interest of the Lebanese".

He added: "It is necessary to respect the Constitution and the prerogatives of all presidencies and institutions, and all attempts to weaken the prerogatives of the Prime Minister to weaken the presidency of the Council will fail. As a result, all Lebanese stand alongside Prime Minister Hariri today in his commitment to form the government and preserve prerogatives. We all know that the government is formed by the prime minister-designate who presents the names to the President of the Republic."

He recalled "the remarkable political position of Prime Minister Hariri, who is discussing with all the parties," and hoped "that President Hariri will be rewarded by facilitating his mission and by not putting obstacles in the wheels of the formation, which is detrimental to the national interest. Prime Minister Hariri is committed to rights, duties, prerogatives and the constitution, and we are by his side and will not accept anything else.

Source: National News Agency

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