Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

Hasbani concludes official visit to New York

Caretaker Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, concluded his visit to New York on Saturday by meeting with international officials and ambassadors.

Hasbani conferred with Ambassadors of the United States, China, Russia and France over the situation in Lebanon and the region, and the issue of the displaced Syrians. He stressed "the need to find practical and speedy solutions for their safe return, and to continue to support the Lebanese army which proved its ability to maintain stability and defend the Lebanese territories against terrorist threats."

The minister also discussed with country ambassadors at the UN Security Council the renewal of UNIFIL's term in Lebanon and its role in helping to preserve stability.

He also highlighted the need for UNRWA to continue to support Palestinian refugees, especially that the Lebanese State cannot afford their health and educational cost burden.

Source: National News Agency

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