Hasbani from Rmeish: We call for the return of Syrian refugees, solving the problem of Lebanese exiles

Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister, Public Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani called Saturday for "the return of Syrian refugees to their country, as well as solving the problem of Lebanese exiles and allowing them to return from the occupied territories."

Hasbani's words came during his visit to "Our Lady's Monastery" in Rmeish, the first stop-over in his Southern tour among the villages of Bint Jbeil Casa.

"I am pleased to be among you today in the oasis of coexistence, an oasis filled with hope, a vision of the future, full of vitality and faith in Lebanon which we all dream of...a home for all its citizens, a nation of coexistence, cooperation and genuine partnership," said Hasbani, addressing the town's dignitaries who gathered to welcome his visit.

"Today, Lebanon is going through a delicate phase with great challenges, both at the regional and international levels. The most important challenges facing citizens are the economic and social problems, and they have to be at the top of our priorities because we are here, first and foremost, to serve the citizens and help them achieve a decent life," Hasbani added.

"Lebanon is undoubtedly suffering from many crises, including the refugee crisis, which weighs heavily on the Lebanese society, and we are working to reach a quick end to this exceptional situation through the safe and swift return of the displaced to their country...But we also do not forget that there are Lebanese outside and we ought to equally work to ensure their return to Lebanon," Hasbani underscored.

"In the spirit of partnership, openness and kindness, we hope to remain on this path with all transparency and credibility in a clear and straight direction, and work together regardless of our disputes and opinion differences...The important thing is to keep the partnership and work hard to build our state institutions that are the pyramids for building a strong, democratic state," he asserted.

"We will continue to work together, citizens and officials, to reach the maximum potential for progress and social and humanitarian stability, and to build our society and nation in real partnership, coexistence and cooperation," Hasbani concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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