Hasbani: Initiating presidential battle from today impedes current mandate

Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister, Public Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani considered Saturday that starting the presidency battle from now would impede the current presidential mandate.

"The President of the Republic is at an equal distance from everyone and the success of the current mandate denotes the success of each and everyone...and we are keen on that," Hasbani reassured in an interview with "Radio Free Lebanon - Ashrafieh" this morning.

Touching on the Lebanese Forces Party's representation in the next government, Hasbani indicated that "LF's reform role has upset some sides in the country, which has triggered a desire to undermine its presence within cabinet."

He referred herein to "a plotted campaign" against him that aims at distorting his image as minister, which is "a reflection of the image of all ministers of the Lebanese Forces Party," leaving it up to the Lebanese people to judge their performance.

"We believe in continuity and the rotation of power. If the Ministry of Public Health remains with the Lebanese Forces, then let it be...However, we do not attach to any ministerial portfolio, since what is important to us is to have an active and positive role in the government and to ensure that partnership is safeguarded," Hasbani emphasized.

"We will not accept that our capabilities be limited within government after being largely represented in parliament...The popular vote was high for the Lebanese Forces, exceeding 15 deputies, but the law did not permit its translation," he explained.

"We hope that the new cabinet will be formed as soon as possible and that the obstacles will be dissolved," Hasbani went on, disclosing that the LF Party is conducting continuous deliberations with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri through Caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachy, and that the PM-designate is "working to ensure that the government is balanced."

"The relationship with House Speaker Nabih Berri is always positive, and he is open to a relation that leads to stability...We are keen on ensuring a good implementation of the Constitution and maintaining the real balances in the country," Hasbani underscored.

Source: National News Agency

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