Hawat describes relationship with Berri as excellent, says he will take on administration development dossier

Member of the "Republic Parliamentary Bloc", MP Ziad Hawat, disclosed Sunday that "the relationship with House Speaker Nabih Berri is excellent and mutual communication is continuously ongoing, especially during this period involving the government formation."

In an interview with Radio "Voice of Lebanon" this morning, Hawat highlighted the need for the upcoming government to include in its ministerial statement "basic national principles", stressing that "there are a lot of responsibilities that must begin immediately."

"Our goal is not quotas and popularity, but rather what we aim for is to combat corruption, and the Prime Minister-designate understands the need for our Bloc to be represented within the government and not put under a veto with regards to sovereign portfolios," Hawat underlined.

Over the Parliamentary Committees session scheduled for next Tuesday, Hawat indicated that he will be responsible for the administration development dossier [e-government], noting that "this will free the Lebanese citizen from many burdens and will enable him to carry out his transactions more quickly.

Source: National News Agency

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