Head Of IJS Affirms The Importance Of Working To Improve The Work Of Press And Media In Salahuddin

BAGHDAD, The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, president of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Muayyad al-Lami stressed "the importance of working to improve the reality of journalism and media in the province of Salahuddin."

Al-Lami, during a meeting with the president and members of the administrative committee of the IJS branch in Salahuddin province and the heads of the media institutions working in the governorate stressed "the need to keep abreast of the technical development adopted by the media in different countries of the world in transferring image and news and the importance of promoting the concepts of democracy and freedom of opinion and expression and peaceful coexistence in Iraq"

He stressed the importance of adopting professionalism and keenness on the ethics of professional work in media to ensuring the accuracy and objectivity in transferring the events.

The head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate listened to the comments, proposals and ideas of a number of colleagues, which would develop the work of the syndicate branch and create a streamlined work in the media institutions in the province.

As for the request of colleagues in the IJS branch to hold development and training courses for journalists and media workers in the media and press organizations in the province of Salahuddin, the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate directed Chairman and members of the administrative body of the IJS branch to establish these developmental courses in coordination with the General Center and to ensure the upgrading the media institutions and the performance of its members to address and overcome some of the problems and obstacles face the professional and administrative work in the IJS branch and facilitate the work and movement of journalists and media in the province.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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