HM King chairs Cabinet session

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa chaired the regular weekly Cabinet session, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier, at the Sakhir Palace today.

HM the King reviewed local, regional and global developments, Cabinet Secretary-General, Dr. Yasser Isa Al-Nasser, said in post-session statement.

King urges consensus on pensions

HM King Hamad devoted a large part of the session to the issue of pension to which he attaches great impotence, as it is related to all social segments.

HM the King gave directives to address the situation of retirement and insurance funds to ensure their sustainability with utmost determination and seriousness.

HM the King stressed the need to reach consensus on pensions which have a great importance in the retirees' lives, and therefore should be prioritised and placed before anything else.

Premier thanked for implementing royal directives

HM the King extended thanks to HRH Premier for his speedy initiative to implement the royal directives through cooperating with the Speaker of the Council of Representatives and Shura Council Chairman to form a government-parliament committee in charge of discussing the Pensions Law.

Pension laws' rethink committee urged to intensify meetings

The king urged the joint committee to convene as soon as possible and hold intensive meetings, in the presence of scientific and professional experts, to discuss the two pension laws to reach a consensual deal that takes into account public interests and preserve the rights of affiliates and retirees.

"Success is the only option in this key issue," HM the King said.

More interest in retirement funds urged

The King emphasised the need to attach absolute importance to the issue of retirement through working on improving the situation of retirement funds and enhancing the services they deliver to retirees and affiliates in a manner that takes the public interests into consideration, ensures the sustainability of pension and insurance funds and preserves the rights of contributors and retirees.

SIO board to be re-structured

HM King Hamad gave directives to re-structure the outgoing board of directors of the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO), and to provide it with new competencies with high administrative, professional capabilities and management discipline.

In this regard, the king praised the management of the Military Retirement Fund and the commendable efforts exerted by its officials to run it with an exceptional efficiency that has contributed to its longevity and sustainability.

King hails executive-legislative cooperation

HM King Hamad hailed the fruitful cooperation between the Executive and Legislative branches, and the successful democratic practices, which, he said, have strengthened the national gains through the adoption of advanced legislation aimed at serving economic, social and political issues, and consolidating the kingdom's status regionally and globally, especially concerning integrated services and the availability of an investment-attracting atmosphere.

HM King Hamad urged more Executive-Legislature cooperation to optimise national gains and strengthen the perfect model of democracy in Bahrain.

The King stressed that the national laws, particularly the amendment to the two pension laws, should ensure the continuity of integrated services that are delivered to the citizens, support the optimal use of national resources, take the citizens' rights and gains into consideration and achieve balance between all of them.

King commends successful government action

HM the King commended the role played by the government, led by HRH the Prime Minister and supported by HRH the Crown Prince, to enhance the development march aimed at achieving the interests of the nation and the citizens.

HM King Hamad hailed the commendable measures taken by the government to continue comprehensive and sustainable development in the kingdom and achieve growth rates that have contributed to stabilising the economic conditions despite regional and global challenges.

Stability road to success

HM the King praised the multiple events held in Bahrain, as well as its increasing economic and tourism activities, noting that the kingdom's stability has contributed to holding events that attract visitors and tourists.

In this regard, HM the King welcomed the kingdom's hosting of the 42nd session of the World Heritage Committee, held under HM's patronage, and opened on his behalf by HRH the Crown Prince.

HM the King said that the kingdom's hosting of the prestigious world gathering reflects Bahrain's leading cultural, heritage and civilisational role at the international level, affirming the importance of world heritage and its role in boosting sustainable development.

Premier: King's directives to be implemented fully

HRH the Prime Minister expressed deep pride in HM the King's support for the government's work, affirming that the government always draws inspiration from the royal directives regarding the development of sustainable resources, ensuring that laws and legislation cope with the citizens' needs, as well as the requirements and challenges of the current phase.

HH the Prime Minister stressed that HM the King's directives to develop integrated services will be implemented swiftly through clear programmes that fulfill the citizens' aspirations.

HRH Premier lauded HM the King's sound directives to re-discus the two pension draft-laws, stressing that the royal directives will be implemented immediately by the government.

The government, the Premier said, will discuss with the Legislative Branch, through the joint committee, the best means to achieve the royal aspirations, preserve the rights of retirees and affiliates and ensure the sustainability of pension funds in order to reach consensus that satisfies everyone and on which all parties agree.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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