Jubouri Assures British Ambassador: The Next Govt Will Represent Everyone Without Exception

BAGHDAD, The former head of the House of Representatives, a leader of the National Coalition Salim al-Jubouri confirmed that "the next government will represent everyone without exception."

A Statement of Jubouri press office said, "The former Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri discussed during his meeting today with British Ambassador to Iraq John Wilkes the political and security developments in Iraq and the region, and ways to strengthen relations between the two friendly countries and the formation of the next government."

The statement quoted Jubouri as saying that "the political blocs are striving to reach understandings in order to mature ideas to reach a unified vision on the form of the next government."

He said that "the end of the counting process will constitute a shift and a motivation for all forces to proceed at a steady pace in order to form a government representing everyone without exception."

For his part, Wilkes confirmed the support of his government to Iraq, praising the role of Jubouri and his constant efforts to support the democratic process in the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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