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Karam Hinduja Creates a Membership Network Centered Around Alternative Investments for Family Offices

Karma Network announces the launch of its exclusive investment club

NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Karma Network, the first-ever digital membership platform to curate an investment group of like-minded family offices and private and institutional investors, recently announced the forthcoming launch of its investment club. The private forum, which is targeted towards family offices and other high net worth investors, provides management services and access to creative deal structures that draw on and enhance the value of the network’s members and their underlying businesses. Subscribers to the network’s platform will have exclusive access to Karma’s carefully selected membership, composed of leading international investors and operators, in addition to advanced global macro intelligence, analytics, and perspectives directly from members.

Karam Hinduja, founder and CEO of Karma Network.

The network is committed to bridging the gap between information and opportunity to build profitable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Karma has leveraged the storytelling expertise of its diverse group of correspondents to create engaging narratives and gather stakeholder perspectives that inspire viewers to action. Equipped with the information and insights gleaned from Karma’s SVOD content, network members are empowered to make meaningful connections and strategic partnerships to de-risk and accelerate private-sector endeavors across key sectors and regions, with maximum effect.

Currently, Karma offers all of its members exclusive content personalized to specific industries, sectors, and verticals of interest; however, access to the network’s deal platform is available to accredited investors by invitation and application only, with a criteria that ensures Karma’s members are able to provide not just capital, but more importantly, strategic value to accelerate businesses. “There is a misconception that this generation is speculative and aggressive in our investment approach,” said Karam Hinduja, Founder and CEO of Karma’s parent company, Timeless. “In fact, we are highly strategic, relatively conservative, and most importantly we think long term. Karma embodies the way our generation invests.” To date, the network has partnered with family offices and individual investors to capitalize on investment opportunities in the finance, media, and health spaces. Those who are interested in learning more about the Karma Investment Club are encouraged to sign up on the company’s website to be contacted by a member of the Karma investment team.

About Karma:
Karma is a global network of leading family offices, investors, and entrepreneurs building profitable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges by delivering stories and perspectives on global macroeconomic trends, risks, and opportunities across markets, and providing investable opportunities through strategies formulated in collaboration with our network. 

Contact: Jennifer Roberts, Timeless Media

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