KSA Embassy, in Egypt, Disclaims Responsibility for Gangs’ Extortion Message to Saudi Young Women, via Social Networking Websites

Cairo, Cairo-based embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), by and large, dismissed here today any connection to an allegedly vocal message, which has gone viral on the WhatsApp, and has been attributed to an embassy staff, warning Saudi young women of alleged blackmail, through the social networking websites.

The embassy said, in a press statement released here today, that it has received a plenty of inquiries on such a vocal message, however, it made clear that the embassy has concluded that none of its staff has ever made such note, henceforth, it explained that any warning or precaution and information to be attributed to it and reckoned with, must be done through official channels, such as press statement from the embassy or via its social media accounts and website portal.

Accuracy and credibility of information have been reached through closely administered cooperation between the embassy and pertinent bodies, in the two countries, the embassy added, pointing out that it asserted the disclaimer for any information, individually, circulated or echoed, out of its formal channels.

Concluding the statement, the embassy stressed that it would not hesitate of formally publishing any information or notice, when necessity arises, out of keenness to maintain the security and safety of the nationals.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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