Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020

Over 98.5 pc compliance with afternoon outdoor work ban reported

Manama, Minister of Labour and Social Development Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan has stressed the government's keenness on supporting all measures aimed at protecting workers and ensuring their safety at various work sites out of its interest in preserving human rights.

While commenting on the end of the afternoon outdoor work ban for this summer, he said that the Labour Ministry's specialised team had carried out 10341 surprise and regular inspection visits to work sites during the ban, which started on July 1 and ended on August 31, and reported the full compliance of 10185 establishments and some violations in which 323 workers had been affected, noting that legal action will be taken against violators..

He explained that 98.5 per cent of the concerned companies and establishments had complied with the rule that bans forcing labourers to work under the scorching heat of the summer sun from noon to 4 pm.

He pointed that the outstanding implementation of Edict 3 of 2013 on banning outdoor afternoon work reflects the employers' high awareness, lauding the companies' full cooperation, positive response and understanding of the noble human values of it.

He added that the compliance rate of 98.5 pc of the concerned sides indicates their keenness to protect workers and ensure their safety, which, he said, reflects the respect of human rights culture prevailing in the kingdom.

He pointed out that the Labour and Social Development Ministry had launched campaigns and held workshops to raise awareness on the need to avoid outdoor afternoon work during the summer heat, given its dangerous health effects.

He highlighted the importance of enhancing cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and the private sector in order to develop the work environment, avoid occupational accidents as much as possible and increase productivity and profits of companies.

It is to be noted that a jail term not exceeding three months, and/or a BD500-1000 fine, is the penalty inflicted on violators.

Source: Bahrain News Network

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