Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Saudi Ambassador reaches Beirut: We seek to reinforce joint Arab action

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia accredited before Lebanon, Waleed Abdullah Bukhari, has arrived at the Rafic Hariri International Airport, following his official appointment by the Kingdom in Beirut.

Greeting him upon arrival at the VIP airport lounge, al-Bukhari had been Ambassador Nazih Najjari of Egypt, Ambassador Ali al-Amri of Iraq, Ambassador Hamad al-Shamsi of the United Arab Emirates, Ambassador Abdel Aal Al-Qinai, Badr Bin Mohammed Ben Badr al-Munthari, Ambassador Ali Sadeq Ali of Sudan, Ambassador Ahmed Bou Zayyan of Algeria, Ambassador Mohammed Karim Bou Dali of Tunisia, Ambassador of Palestine Ashraf Dabbour, Ambassador Abdullah Abdel Karim al-Daees, Ambassador Mohammed Kari of Morroco, Arab League's Ambassador to Lebanon Abdel Rahman al-Solh, as well as Saudi Cultural Attache Saad El Arini, Diplomat Rodrick Khoury of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, and Deputy Head of Diplomatic Mission at the Saudi Embassy Majid Aba Ala.

In his delivered word, Diplomat al-Khoury, representing the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, welcomed Ambassador Bukhari in Beirut, wishing him success in his mission in Lebanon.

Ambassador Bukhari thanked in his delivered word Saudi King Salman Ben Abdel Aziz, for his confidence in appointing him as ambassador of the Kingdom in Lebanon, vowing to be up to this trust.

Bukhari pledged to work in accordance with the directives of the Saudi political leadership to further bolster mutual cooperation with Lebanon and reinforce the spirit of Arab joint action.

The Saudi envoy also affirmed that he will work to preserve the security, stability and sovereignty of Lebanon and achieve his country's noble mission in Lebanon.

"I would like to assert that Saudi Arabia is working to realize its aspirations and vision, to build a strong economic and safe homeland, and seeking promising international partnerships and relations based on sustainable diplomacy, taking into account human values to achieve international security and peace," concluded the diplomat.

Source: National News Agency

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