Tuesday, 27 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia Confirms its Firm Stance Condemning Terror in all its Forms, Aspects, Motives and Justifications

New York-- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed its firm stance condemning terrorism in all its forms, aspects, motives and justifications as it has very much suffered from this scourge.

This came in Saudi Arabia's speech before the United Nation's first Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism 2022 which was held yesterday at the headquarters of the world organization in New York under the theme Protecting the Rights and Upholding the Needs Ascribed to Victims of Terrorism delivered by the Director of the Saudi Arabia Counseling and Care Center Major General Wenyan Al-Sibaee who expressed the welcome of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of the great efforts being exerted by the United Nations in the fight against terrorism.

He pointed that the victims of terrorism is an important social component of the efforts designed to confront the calamity of terrorism and tackle its impacts to achieve the safety and security of society.

Al-Sibaee said that Saudi Arabia supports the UN efforts in the recognition and remembrance of the victims of terror and shares with it the celebration of the Global Day which falls on August 21 aiming to enhance efforts to alleviate harms on them on the medium and long terms and enhance, in a sustainable manner, the anti-terror address.

He explained that the concept of terror victims extends to include their first of kin, families and relatives.

He drew the attention to the Saudi laws as citing this understanding.

In this concept, Saudi Arabia has since long extended assistance, services and facilities for terror victims and their relatives until they completely recover.

Accordingly, he suggested that there is need for concerted efforts at the official and national levels to exchange experience and practices through holding domestic and regional personal and virtual meetings, and adopt a media strategy to get societies remember the victims of terrorism in a way that contributes to confront the extremist address and lessen the harms inflicted.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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