Media Ministers of Member States of Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen hold a meeting in Jeddah 8

Djibouti's Minister of Information Abdi Yousef Sojeh delivered a speech during which he affirmed that the Republic of Djibouti position on the legitimacy support coalition in Yemen since the early hours of the "Determination Storm, pointing out that the Republic of Djibouti has received a number of Yemenis who have taken refuge in Djibouti since the first hours of the war without considering them as refugees but as citizens.

On the media level, the official bodies of the Djibouti media represented by radio and television, the national news agency and the paper and electronic press are regularly received from our embassy in Riyadh. Then we publish what we want to explain to the local public in Djibouti as well as the neighboring countries to strengthen the existing communication and develop mechanisms of coordination and exchange of information and the transmission of news, whether in Arabic or French or local languages used in our region and neighboring countries, pointing out that this role Djibouti has not been new to us.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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