Media Ministers of Member States of Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen hold a meeting in Jeddah 9

President of the Supreme Council of Information of Egypt Makram Mohammed Ahmed delivered a speech during the meeting, in which he affirmed that the peace, security, and stability of Yemen is a key factor in the security and stability of the Middle East.

Makram praised the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its firm support for the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen and its continuous efforts to alleviate the scourge of war against the people of Yemen and its efforts to protect civilians and all forms of humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen, stressing that the importance of preserving the Saudi-Yemeni relations, which constitute a strategic asset for the two countries, which achieves the unity, stability and security of the island and enables the Yemeni people to continue their historic role as one of the important tributaries of Arab civilization.

He added that Iran should withdraw from Syria and Yemen to achieve security and stability in the region, deeming that Iranian interference has no interest for the Iranian people.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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