Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

Aoun to Lebanese community in Strasbourg: Don’t believe those who claim failure of presidential tenure

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, currently I am official visit to Strasbourg, confirmed that his position as the Lebanese President was not a mere title.

We have not come to power just to hold a grand title. All the titles are the same, and we should not let them affect us. We have come to power to work for your future," Aoun said in an address to the Lebanese diaspora of Strasbourg and neighboring European countries on the balcony of Lebanon's Ambassador to Paris, at the Palais des CongrAs in Strasbourg, on Thursday evening.

Moreover, the President regretted what he described as a counter-reform movement in Lebanon, promising ongoing reform against all odds.

We are not desperate people, but we are people who resist in times of crises; we are winners, and we are not afraid to echo our thoughts. Don't believe those who tell you that the presidential term has failed, because this is the wish of those who only see good in themselves, he said.

Furthermore, Aoun deplored the fact that some media were only trying to relay to their audience the negative developments whilst totally ignoring all the positive achievements.

The President also listed a number of the tenures achievements. We endorsed a new electoral law and held elections on its basis. We conducted diplomatic and judicial appointments. Perhaps the most important thing that has been achieved is security, especially after uprooting scores of terrorists that had been taking shelter in Lebanon's eastern mountain chain.

Source: National News Agency

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