Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Bahraini girl who swallowed magnet beads operated successfully

Manama, A Bahraini child who swallowed magnet beads has today undergone a successful surgical operation at the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

A SMC medical team led by Consultant Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Faiza Haider conducted the operation and removed the metallic objects from the girl's stomach.

An X-ray showed the presence of the magnet beads in the 14-month girl's stomach, which led the medical team to conduct the surgery and save her life, said SMC Chief Surgeon Dr. Rani Al-Agha.

The girl, who suffered continuous vomititing, was rushed by her family to the SMC emergency after her mother noticed that some magnet beads were missing.

The magnet beads caused a hole in the girl's intestine which led the surgical team to remove the damaged part of the bowel and repair it through a resection.

The girl who is in a stable health condition is kept under medical observance, said Dr. Haider, expecting the patient to be discharged from hospital within a week after recovering fully.

Dr. Haider said that this was the third case to be treated recently at he Salmaniya Hospital, urging parents not to keep such magnet beads within reach of the children as colours may entice them to swallow the harmful objects.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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