Saturday, 4 Apr 2020

Bahrain’s tolerance, co-existence experience highlighted during LSE forum

London, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has hosted a delegation from the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Co-existence and the This Is Bahrain to present Bahrain's distinguished experience and pioneering initiatives in the field of tolerance, co-existence, as well as religious and sectarian diversity.

Bahrain's Ambassador to the UK, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, academicians, researchers, students and representatives of religions in the UK attended the event which held in conjunction with the World Day of Tolerance, observed all over the world on 16 November each year.

King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence's Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Shaikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Second Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson of the This Is Bahrain Society, Betsy Mathieson, in addition to Professor of the King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue and Peaceful Co-Existence, Alessandro Saggioro, took part in the forum.

Dr. Shaikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa highlighted, in his statement, Bahrain's deep-rooted experience in tolerance and co-existence among various religions, sects and ethnicities hosted by Bahrain in love and peace throughout its long history without distinction based on religious or sectarian considerations.

He also spoke about the idea behind the establishment of the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence, noting that its role is to consolidate tolerance and peaceful co-existence, promote concepts of the acceptance of the other, peaceful co-existence and religious freedom for which the world is in dire need today.

He also shed light on the initiatives adopted by the Centre to spread such global concepts.

Betsy Mathieson spoke about the contents of the Bahrain Declaration which was launched in Los Angeles in 2017, affirming that His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa personally supervised the writing of the document and its principles reflecting an exceptional mentality filled with compassion and a wise vision that stand witness to the tolerance and coexistence among all prevailing in Bahrain, under HM the King's leadership.

Alessandro Saggioro, in his statement, described the King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue and Peaceful Co-Existence as a pioneering initiative, both at the levels of the region and the world, noting that it proves the visions and noble humanitarian goals that HM King Hamad seeks to achieve through spreading the concepts of peace, love and tolerance among everyone.

The attendees lauded Bahrain's distinguished experience in the field of tolerance and peaceful co-existence, praising the enlightened royal vision reflected by the Bahrain Declaration' and the peace and fraternity among all components of the Bahraini society.

They affirmed that Bahrain is a role model to be emulated in the region and the world regarding co-existence, acceptance of the other and respect for religions and sects.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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