Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

Berri chairs ‘Development and Liberation’ bloc meeting, welcomes Lazzarini

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday chaired the Development and Liberation parliamentary bloc's weekly meeting. Talks reportedly touched on an array of issues, starting with the government lineup and other service-related and developmental matters.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil and members of parliament: Ibrahim Azar, Anwar al-Khalil, Michel Moussa, Ayoub Hamayed, Yassin Jaber, Kassem Hashem, Ali Bazzi, Ali Khreis, and Mohammad Khawaja.

After the meeting, the bloc's general secretary, Anwar Khalil, read a statement which said that the bloc's meeting had been an opportunity to tackle a number of local issues, most importantly the cabinet lineup.

The Prime Minister-designate has requested the assistance of Speaker Berri forming the government, Khalil said, adding that the bloc had seized the opportunity to pay homage to the Lebanese people, army, and resistance marking the victory of July war back in 2016.

The meeting also touched on the demands of olive farmers and confirmed the need to swiftly pay compensations.

Moreover, the bloc demonstrated full support to the Lebanese University, which is currently facing an ongoing onslaught to discredit its reputation and its educational and national role.

Speaker Berri has asked members of the bloc to speedily finish preparing the Indian Cannabis (Hashish) law, Khalil added, noting that the bloc has also discussed issues involving amendments to the electoral law, as well as other matters involving unemployment and electricity problems, particularly in Nabatieh.

The bloc also extended well-wishes marking the assumption of Virgin Mary and Adha feast.

On another level, Deputy UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), Philippe Lazzarini, visited Speaker Berri today. The pair discussed the General situation in Lebanon, as well as a number of projects involving the international organization.

Source: National News Agency

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