Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Derian meets independent Sunni deputies: Everyone should do whatever they can to facilitate government birth

Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received at Dar el-Fatwa a delegation of independent Sunni deputies including Abdel Rahim Mrad, Qassem Hashem, Adnan Trabelsi and Al-Walid Sukkarieh, with talks touching on local affairs.

"The Grand Mufti of the Republic listened to their views and opinions on the latest developments on the Lebanese arena, and their demands for representation in the government to be formed. MPs explained that their move comes within the framework of consultation, communication and easing of political tension, especially in these difficult circumstances prevailing over the country," a statement by Dar El-Fatwa said.

"For his part, Mufti Derian stressed that Dar al-Fatwa's doors are open to all the Lebanese and it not differentiate between them, but rather strengthens their unity, solidarity, meeting and dialogue, while renouncing differences among them. The interest of the nation is above all considerations. Derian hoped that the government will be formed with the support of all the political forces and leaders in Lebanon," the statement read.

"We hope that everyone will do their best to facilitate the birth of the government because they are part of the fabric of this Lebanese society that wants a national government that can rise with the country and the citizens," Derian added, according to the statement.

Source: National News Agency

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