Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Development and Liberation bloc welcomes positive atmosphere surrounding government formation

Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri, chaired this Wednesday the weekly "Development and Liberation" bloc meeting after which MP Al-Khalil read a statement that welcomed "the positive atmosphere prevailing over the formation of the government," stressing the need for speeding up the formation process to compensate for the lost time and opportunities and to bring Lebanon out of its stalemate and despair.

Conferees stressed that the future government's priorities should revolve around the structuring of vital sectors and the implementation of laws 222, 462, 463 and 481, next to finalizing the electricity dossier and launching the process of oil and gas exploration.

The bloc deemed it a national necessity for the government to face the continued Israeli threats to the country's various sectors and infrastructure.

The bloc also condemned the Israeli move to close the offices of the UNRWA agency in Al-Quds, following the US move to stop the funding of UNRWA, which severely negatively impacts Palestine and on the Palestinian neighboring countries and Lebanon in the forefront.

Conferees finally condemned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's remarks about keeping the occupied Syrian Golan under Israeli control under the pretext of security reasons.

Source: National News Agency

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