Friday, 29 May 2020

Iraq Opens The Door to Investment In The Gas Sector In Front Of Int’l Companies

BAGHDAD The Director General of Gas Filling Company of the Ministry of Oil, Ali Abdul Karim al-Musawi announced opening the door to investment for international companies in the gas sector, pointing out that Iraq has reached the stage of sufficiency and export.

"We have a lot of work related to the gas sector and gas services, including supply gas for residential, commercial and industrial communities using LPG, considering that Iraq has succeeded in getting its production to the point of sufficiency and export," Musawi said in a press statement.

"We need an appropriate investment environment in Iraq with legislation, especially part of the investment is interrupted because of capital concerns that need guarantees and future security, all of which require legislation, sovereign guarantees and political stability," he added.

"Iraq opens the door to investment for good international companies, including Kuwait, especially as it has strong economic and scientific minds, which encourages us more to cooperate with them."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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