Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Madallali at UN Security Council debate: Lebanon witnesses more active women participation at all governance levels

Head of Lebanon's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Ambassador Amal Madallali, considered Saturday that "Lebanon is witnessing a more active participation of women at all levels of governance in the country and in key positions."

Partaking in an open discussion at the United Nations Security Council on the subject of "women, peace and security", Madallali said: "The Lebanese security sector is witnessing a qualitative leap in this direction and the Lebanese army is relying on a strategic plan aimed at ensuring gender equality."

Madallali began her word by thanking the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, "for his statement and his work for gender equality" and the Bolivian Presidency for "convening today's debate on a more important agenda than ever before since the adoption of historic resolution 1325 (2000) 18 years ago."

"Lebanon remains firmly committed to a comprehensive approach on the agenda of women, peace and security," said Madallali, adding, "In Lebanon's legistlative elections last May, a record number of women were registered as candidates for the parliamentary elections, despite resulting in only six winners...Women are investing equally, like men, in political dynamics and the future of the country."

"Leadership in Lebanon is responding and working to empower women," she indicated.

"After 18 years of voting on women's decision and peace and security, now is the time to truly and irreversibly reflect this agenda," Madallali emphasized, noting that women consider gender equality as their final battle.

Source: National News Agency

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